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The Party Planner

Welcome to the app that keeps track of all your Party Planning details! This new app was made to eliminate the stress of Party Planning and to help you get the most out of your celebrations. Features include up to date information with new entertainment, guest tracking, themes, dates and budgets!.


The Party Planner has features never before seen in an app. With the following features you can Plan your entire event at your fingertips, keep track of your budget, and even write shopping and to do list. The best part, it's intergrated with facebook so you can grab your friend's list and make sure you don't miss anyone.

Guest Tracking

Now you can make guest lists, send out your invitations, and then you can track when someone rsvps to your event.

Budget Planning

This app makes it easy to plan your budget and stick to it. Simply add in how much you paid for supplies and it will keep your budget updated.

Theme & Mood Boards

Planning a wedding or birthday with a theme or specific colors? Just upload pictures to your mood board for inspiration.

Shopping Lists

Keep a list of everything you need when you go shopping. Then once you buy it check is off and add the price. The app will keep track of the rest.

General To Do Lists

Write a list of the things you need to do to make your party perfect. Then check it off to keep it updated.

Connect With Facebook

Can't remember everyone you want to invite? No problem, just upload your friend's list from facebook and add who you want.